What’s the big deal about paying $8.99 per month for a service you plan to use daily?

As my last post stated, I signed up for an all-access pass to the bodybuilding.com</a> website and started checking out what others thought about all monthly access cost. Several people on Reddit website honestly did not like the idea of paying for a service they use every day to track workouts. I just can’t understand why it’s hard for people to see the value in a monthly subscription. So here are a few of my advantages of having a monthly membership:

1. Demand New Content-As a paying customer with bodybuilding.com, I now have the right to ask for new programs by new trainers and perhaps the ability to host video’s on the website of workouts to help people see how to perform a proper bench press for example and not just see the videos put out by bodybuilding.com2. Self Investment-Bodybuilding.com makes it easy for you to sign up, get started tracking and making progress toward your fitness goals. Monthly subscription makes me accountable for my goal. I pay for a gym membership that bodybuilding.com may partner with in the future that would allow my tracked workouts to show up in for example planet fitness app.

3. Growth-Bodybuilding.com is not just for bodybuilders. I know plenty of people in the community that are runners, and yoga practitioners and even rock climbers. This community has provided so much growth for people who could not reach the fitness goal they had by themselves.

So there you have it; demand new content, self investment and growth is why I do not feel bad at all paying $8.99 per month for bodybuilding.com All Access.

Let me know what you think?

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