What do you take first thing in the morning?  Is a question I get from the Gym Talk community.  It seems people want to know what I make first thing in the morning.  So today’s Gym Talk is all about my pre-workouts.  I have tried several pre-workouts including 1MR Vortex and C4 Sports and decided to share my thoughts on the product.

1MR Vortex

Great product to start your day, but over time I found this product just did not sustain me during a long workout.  I could not do the artic blue taste, but one thing it does well is in a shaker bottle this stuff really disappears.

C4 Sports

This stuff packs a significant punch.  Taste is not too much for me, but this thing gets me going in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by; see you tomorrow.

Let me know what you think?

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