Be Prepared For The Opportunity|Gym Talk

Be Prepared For The Opportunity|Gym Talk
Yesterday at the end of my shift I looked up, and a young African American female stood by my desk. In the past, I had only seen her in one other company outing. She was the director of the social media department at the company I work for. She had a problem with a customer and needed someone’s help. I was able to get her the assistance she needed but also took the time to share with her first the desire I had to work with the social media team at the company. So why should you care?

1. Always be prepared for the opportunity. In the military when we were not in the war zone we were training for that moment. I spent considerable time working on my skills so when the opportunity presents I am ready.
2. You never know what you are being prepared for, so soak up the skills.
3. Be authentic when your opportunity presents, you will be glad you gave yourself honestly

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