Top 5 YouTubers New Vloggers Need To Check Out

Top 5 YouTubers New Vloggers Need To Check Out
Are you planning to start vlogging in 2018? Are you new to YouTube content creation and looking for what vloggers to follow in 2018? In today’s video, I share with you my top five Youtubers new vloggers need to subscribe to in 2018. If you are anything like me, you made a decision to start vlogging in the new year. 2018 is just a few hours away, and I wanted to share my top five YouTubers every new vlogger should subscribe too. Lets’ Get Started.
1. Amy Schmittauer wrote the book on vlogging. If you are looking for a guide on how to get started with vlogging, what equipment to get or use, then I suggest you pick up Amy’s book. When I started my vlogging journey, I binged on her content for days to help me feel more comfortable with talking to the camera. I am still a work in progress, but Amy Schmittauer helped me find my inner voice, and she can help you too.

2. Roberto Blake If you are a gamer, graphic designer or star wars fan, then I would suggest you check out Roberto’s work. I found Roberto while trying to navigate my way through photoshop and find his content engaging and dare I say raw. Roberto If I could meet you in person I would shake your hand and tell you ” thank you for showing me it’s ok to be awkward and different, but not just telling me, but showing me how to use that awkward, quirky side of myself to find my authenticity.

3. Nick Nimmin will help you get your YouTube channel off the ground and off to a great start. His channel focuses on helping YouTubers like we build our online community. He does great live videos each week, and I would highly suggest you take some time and check out his content. Tell him Giovanni sent you.

4. iJustine in real life I think we would be friends. She has been vlogging, tech reviewing and helping lead the way for those of us who love sharing content online. I love her work and how she incorporates her dog into her videos. You will learn about gear, and her camera reviews will help you find what you might want to buy as your channel grows.

5. Pete McKinnon is someone I watch every time video drops in my inbox. Pete work is infused with coffee and Cannon camera that will keep smiling as he takes you on his adventures. What you will learn from him in 2018 is what it’s like to actually build a channel from scratch. Pete worked in a camera shop and put the occasional video on YouTube and has in one year exploded. So why number 5? Pete vlogs are really on a whole new level.

So in 2018 if you have made up your mind this is your year to document your life through vlogging, these are my five top YouTubers every new vlogger should check out. A happy new year and thank you for sharing your time.

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