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Plan With Me|Feb 2018| Gym Talk


Wow, February has arrived already, and today I am excited to do a plan with me with my fit family.  I wanted to thank W Fern for stopping by and leaving a comment on my “WHY IM GOING KETOGENIC (KETO) video back in early January.  We had a stimulating conversation in the comments section, and he dropped a few of the things that have helped him achieve his success.  Here are few of his comments on the video I thought would be helpful for my fit audience:


W Fern

3 hours ago

You are going to feel like crap for the first week or 2, I have been Keto since Aug 2016. There are tons of resources, but the best place to start is as far as the keto flu the faster you can get the glucose exhausted from your system the shorter the keto flu will last. Tons of youtube resources including Dr. Eric Berg, KenDBerryMD and folks like Jason Wittrock and Goody Beats.. those are just the popular ones, but the resources are endless. For recipes, Keto Connect and Headbangers Kitchen are 2 of my faves. Instagram is also a good place to find recipes. The biggest thing I can say doesn’t put pressure on yourself and stick to the basics when you start. Don’t get fancy and track what you eat for a bit if you don’t already with an app. Read the labels for that hidden sugar. Reach out if you want I’m always down to share what I have learned.

Fern thank you so much for stopping by to check out the channel.  Today’s plan with me is about focusing on the new month and achieving my sugar-free goal.  I am hoping that you guys are keeping to your diet modifications.   If you have not had a chance to check out my Instagram and you want to see some of my behind the scenes videos.

~Giovanni Hale


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