Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Spoken Word| Gym Talk


OK let’s talk about the elephant in the room the halftime show for this year Super Bowl was terrific now you may not agree with me about how good the show was, but you cannot deny that Justin Timberlake did a fantastic job with coordinating and getting everyone in the stands excited.


I am not an Eagles or Patriot fan, but I am a fan of Justin Timberlake.  Having Prince flow in the background as you play his song and then turn the city purple was really “cool.”  The show was grown and sexy, and it helped round out my weekend.



Saturday after the gym I headed to the Dandelion Gallery to support Sade Jarett second book signing (No Longer Broken and No Longer Ashamed )She brought this fantastic young lady Analicia Lasett that was so raw and authentic.  Thank you for sharing her Sade!   

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Finally, the angelic voice of Samantha जीवन Boris sooth the NLBNLA crowd as the patrons find peace and joy in her words.

Analicia Latest: My First Love

Samantha जीवन Boris: Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie

~Giovanni Hale


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  1. Music: ‘Where Are They?’ by @Jpaulished on #SoundCloud? #np

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