My Response To Small YouTuber tag!

I am a small YouTuber and Im ok with that. I don’t have 10k followers and you know I am super happy with making a video each day to help me improve my craft.

I guess it’s natural to want to be big and wield the power of a massive audience, but I find myself making daily progress one video at a time.

This tag was created by Katherine and Courtney:……

Kerry McCarpet:…

The Questions:

1. Describe your content in one sentence

2. What equipment do you use to film?

3. What do you use to edit?

4. Which youtuber do you resemble the most in terms of content?

5. Which big youtuber would you love to collab with & why?

6. Does your channel meet the new monetization guidelines?

7. Do you think the new guidelines are fair?

8. What do you classify as a small youtuber?

9. If you had more money/equipment/support, what content would you make?

10. Do you watch and support other small youtubers?

11. List 3 hobbies outside of youtube

12. When do you upload?

13. Where do you want your channel to be in a year’s time?

14. Tell us your social medias

15. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

I’d like to tag the following amazing creators:

Yuli Armstrong…

Veronica Foley…

Ruthy Otero…

Kim Here…

Keep moving forward…

Mom Town

Carl Gratiot…

Chris Crucial…

Capitan Bastos…

Buenos Diaz Vlog…

Alyssa Ventura…

Let me know what you think?

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