Keto Flu|My Journey To Ketosis

Convinced my mitochondria are running the show and not very happy I decided to remove the sugar source my body uses to fuel throughout the day.  I find myself in the keto flu situation, complete with a nagging cough,

A sore throat and even a low-grade fever.

I am blessed I can experiment with putting my body through this stage so I can see what it’s like on the other side.

Temp this morning was 100, so not a massive issue for me, but its amazing to me my body can create a feeling of a cold or flu without the viral, bacterial or fungal infection.  It’s just its way of detoxing.  I was tested to ensure it was not a typical cold or the flu and my test came back negative.  Think about what that means?  What if some of my sick days before were my body running the show and not viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

I’m fine guys!  I am tracking my thoughts on Instagram and documenting the process, so I never forget where I came from.

See you tomorrow

~Giovanni Hale


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