Recovery Run Workout With Nike Run App| #VEDA2018

Recovery Run Workout With Nike Run App| #VEDA2018



Yesterday I missed my 0.75-mile run and decided to take a look at what the Nike Run App would do to keep me on track.  Simple!  The app simply added the miles to the run today.  I noticed today I was able to sustain a 5.0 mph on the treadmill for the duration of the warm-up and the complete run.  Progress toward my goal of the 5K.

Happy Easter to all my friends and family that celebrate the Easter.  Today starts the first video of VEDA or Vlog Every Day In April. I remember the first time I picked up my phone and decided I wanted to record a video.

I had minimal experience actually knowing what it would take to complete my request, but I picked up the camera and made my first video.  It’s a bit cringe-worthy, I know.  It’s a start.  Over next few weeks and months, I worked on getting a pattern down of how I made my videos and landed on something that made total sense to me.

Copy of Copy of Spartan Race.png

Get your message out in one minute.  I have made 3-minute videos and 12-minute videos.  As I have learned over the past year to get better at talking to my phone, I no longer stare at my self in the lens and determined to share my message.  No matter how small or insignificant.  It matters to me.

No finish line..See you tomorrow

~Giovanni Hale


Upcoming Runs

  1. JP Morgan Corporate Challenge |May 24, 2018 at 7pm | Grant Park



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