First 10 Days With Headspace|#VEDA2018|GIOVANNI HALE


Today was my last of my ten days with the headspace app, and these are my thoughts.  I had never meditated in my life and decided when I started with headspace I would see it to the end. No matter how foolish I felt sitting on the floor and just breathing.  I was wrong!  


Why are you wrong?

Opening headspace, you are welcomed with an animation.  This instantly made the app less intimating to the ley person and allowed me to start a pattern.  I made upon in my mind that I would only give this app 10 minutes of my morning before moving on. Ten minutes is all I needed to get centered.  

Why did you start meditating in the first place?

My mind is always thinking about something, and as I start to study brain plasticity and begin to understand how my brain controls all of my functions I find the headspace allowed me to look at what others on the outside see as chaos from a calm perspective.  


Ten days passed by quickly, but for my family that watches my journey.  Get some headspace and remember

No finish line..See you tomorrow.

~Giovanni Hale


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