Benchmark Run |1 Month Out |Giovanni Hale

Benchmark Run With Nike +Run App| 1 Month Out|GIOVANNI HALE



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One month until the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge here in Chicago and my daily training and preparation has gone from ”man do I have to run today to ”man I have to run today.”  My excitement is palpable, and I am looking forward to what the next training will bring.  


Today also marks the end of the second week of #headspace app meditation, and I have noticed an increase in my ability to deal with stress.  As a child, I would look at people that meditated as the “yoga people,” and now I find myself looking forward to practicing not only yoga but my meditation to get my mind in the right spot for the day.


No finish line..See you tomorrow.

~Giovanni Hale


Upcoming Runs

  1. JP Morgan Corporate Challenge |May 24, 2018, at 7pm | Grant Park 



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  1. Music: ‘Where Are They?’ by @Jpaulished on #SoundCloud? #np

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