New Years Starts Early!

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

New Years Starts Early this year! Yes, I know logically we have to finish up the Christmas holiday in a few weeks, but I decided to start my 2021 without the date arriving.  

So why should you care? Maybe you are ready to move on with the year and start to polarizing your next goal without the shadow of Covid-19 news, keeping you stuck under its little finger.  

Here are my two goals to complete in three hundred and sixty-five days.  

  1. Finish Codecadamy Data Science training path. Codecadamy sited the training will take 35 weeks to complete. That is eight months and five days’ worth of coding, projects, and things I can bring to my website to share with those of you into data science geeky stuff.
Photo by Kevin Ku on
  1. I am teaching myself to speak Spanish with the use of two apps, and Pimsleur. I plan to document that process as well on my website.  

That’s it! Simple two goals to get knocked out this year.  

Let me know what you think?

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