SNHU: Decision Making Thought Process

Yesterday I called SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) to confirm the details of what is needed to start school in Jan 2021. I was promptly told that previously paid tuition did not carry over from month to month. As I now understand, when you state you will be attending, say March 2021, the finance system will hold a spot open and allow you to “pay as you go” until that date. However, let’s say you fail to register by April 2021; your money will be returned via the payment method you made.

A small detail I was unaware of at the time of registration.

So now the playing field is open, and the choice is wide on what school I want to attend for computer science. Here is something I have to remember that may sway my decision. I have already been accepted to SNHU and had all my transcripts requested, paid all the fees, and my primary education has been evaluated, and I am ready to start on March 1st at SNHU.

University of London I still have to be accepted and pay my application fee. Is it worth starting over at the University of London?

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Let me know what you think?

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