Passing out of the day

I woke up in the middle of my bedroom on the floor is a scary thing. It haunted me for a moment what just happened. I woke up face down on my hardwood floor with zero memory of what happened. Let me explain

Before that precise moment, I was watching one of my favorite YouTube weekly videos and pondering what I wanted for lunch in the next few hours!

My YouTuber friend made a joke and I started laughing and could not catch my breath! I remember struggling to breathe, and that was the last memory I have before having this weird inner moment where I told myself, “don’t bite your tongue.”

Did I just have a seizure? Am I having heat trouble or blood sugar issues? I doubt that to be true. I found that this loss of consciousness is called Cough syncope, and it not as uncommon as I thought. It made me super cautious about doing anything but resting yesterday. I feel fine now! But I had to get this recount out of my head so my brain can finally stop processing the issue.

See you tomorrow!

Let me know what you think?

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