Late in life or early to the process?

Late in life?

I was reading this post by Gary Vaynerchuck on LinkedIn, and it got me to thinking if I was late in life at 42 to achieve what I have been dreaming about since I was 7 in my grandparent’s basement with a broken see n say that intrigued me so much I took it apart and painstakingly put back together. It felt great!

Early to the process?

I am forty-two, and I do not have my life figured out yet. I know the direction I now want to go after trying a few things along the way. I used to consider each time I changed directions as a failure. I wanted to get into social media marketing. I hated the subtle adjustments to the truth I needed to tell. Failed option cost me $80,000 in student loans. Big mistake! But I learned from that mistake and moved on to pursue a degree as a personal trainer. Was going along good until my loan money ran out. Tapped out my VA Loan. I was out of money and forced to quit school. I liked the health aspect of being a trainer but did not care much for the business aspects at the time. I have grown quiet a bit since 2005.

“Try to get to a place of success but don’t ever judge yourself for where you’re at ♥️!”

The moral of today’s story is that my life needs have changed over time, and I have learned from my mistakes, and so can you?

Be encouraged. Talk to you tomorrow!

Let me know what you think?

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