No one turned me off! Turned me on and just walked away!

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“All I need you to do is show up in the correct uniform, at the right time and do your job.”

When my chief in the navy said the above statement to me after my fifth time in one week running late to work, keep in mind, I lived within walking distance of the base. Like a five-minute walk! I could not get to work on time for so many reasons, but after he said that to me in the hallway, it lit something inside of my mind that I am just now realizing was never turned off.

I served in the military for ten years without a hitch in my plan, and I just realize it’s ok to turn his request for me to be on time, in the correct uniform, and do my job off.

What exactly does that mean? I now have a habit of arriving 30-45 minutes early to everything, work, play, and everything in between. It causes me mental distress when I cannot arrive early to something. His demand of me made me create a habit that has lasted well over twenty years. Its ok to slow down the work to ensure you get what is expected of you in the material of life.

I firmly believe that chief noticed in me the seeds of a habit he could cultivate. So I write this post for anyone that was given marching orders, and you followed them to the exquisite end, but you have never debriefed yourself and found new marching orders.

It’s ok…you can put down the load and take stock of how far you have come.

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