EGO Power+ Peak Power(TM) Snowblower with Steel Auger #SNT2114 Finally Arrives!

Sometimes knowing what to write in the morning is so paralyzing. Yet, I continue each day with a quest to document something great from my life, morning meditation, or even a striking conversation with a good friend.

Yesterday I focused on a lot of prep work for this coming year. At work and ready to go by 7 am comes soon, but I am up for the challenge.

What I’m excited about this week!

Since the polar vortex is upon us here in the United States and more snow is expected. I decided to purchase an upgrade to my electric corded snow blower to a fully battery-powered snowblower by Ego Power Plus.

Model #SNT2114

Model #SNT2114

This model feature set is exactly like its brother, but the steel augers change the game with the Chicago snow and ice. I am looking forward to the compact design of this unit and the ability to fold it up, cover it up and have it ready for the snows arrival

Let me know what you think?

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