Friday Recap-7th Week of 2021.

What happened this week

1) Death in the family

As most of you already know, last week, we lost my aunt to the crippling effects of dementia. She will be missed by our family and the many peoples life she touched along the way! She will be laid to rest this weekend but I chose not to attend.

What I’m reading

Preordered this book, and I am just about halfway through the book (page 137, chapter 10). Ryan is so entertaining to listen to and his book is fun to sit down and pass a hour of daylight.

This is a big book with allot of information. I tried to get through it when it first came out, but I was unsuccessful because I failed to break it down into manageable pieces. Now I read two people per day and I am making progress. I am 67% ✅

This book reads very differently from the others, and it allows me to think about my progress and tracking the steps more than focusing on the goal. I am 40% done ✅

App Of My Week


I use this app every day to keep track of the ton of Amazon packages I order and receive. Recently the app went from a free service to a paid monthly or yearly service. No matter if they charge or not. I LOVE the service, so I paid the $5 bucks for one year.

Let me know what you think?

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