Not Everyone Knows What You Know

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“I don’t know how to send an email”

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my mother about sending some photos via email. I received a rather striking response to a request. “What is the email address for the person you are trying to send the email to?” I have the email address, but I don’t know how to send an email. I found it strange someone does not know how to send an email. Before remembering this is my mother, who did not grow up when computers were easily accessible.

Is it just an excuse?

Do you not know how to send an email? Why? I asked of my mother, and she responded simply with I just do not know-how. I remember wondering if it was just an excuse for not wanting to learn how? During my morning meditation, I thought clearly about this question. I came to a clear understanding that the option to not know something is up to the person. If she does not use email frequently, then learning the technology is not something on her radar. I asked my husband if he knew how to send an email, and he told me, ” I work in a kitchen every day, not an office. I do not need to know how to send an email.” Is his response just an excuse? No, I do not feel his answer is an excuse in that he also does not have the need to learn how to correctly write an email.

Old Mentality

Desire to learn is individual, and through the person closest to me and the women who gave me a life , I learned not everyone knows what you know. I know a novel thought, but the idea of not knowing how to send an email in 2021 shook me enough on my spiritual access to ensure I changed my mentality.

New Mentality

Going forward, I will no longer assume everyone on earth knows the information I have in my head. Emails are simple to me. I do not think much of them. Honestly, they are a necessary evil but assuming everyone knows the information I have in my head is naive.

Let me know what you think?

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