Friday Recap- 8th Week of 2021

Here are a few clips from February!

What I finished this week

The end of the week came so quickly, and this week I knocked out a few things on my list:

I put the finishing touches on Ryan’s book yesterday and found myself giddy at the opportunity to try two things from his book.

Be The Future You

Ryan referred to himself as “big Ryan” when creating the best part of who he wanted to become. I loved that idea and plan to steal it.

Build your routine

Not a problem for me to create and stick to a routine. I have a set routine already, but I found some of his suggestions very encouraging, so I plan to steal those.

Immigration Interview

Many of you know my husband and me. I have been working on obtaining his resident visa to stay in the United States. Monday, we traveled downtown for our first interview with Homeland Security. Meeting lasted about 50 min total and we were told we would get the result in 120 days.

What still in progress

75% complete
42% complete

Let me know what you think?

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