Friday Recap- 16th Week of 2021

What I finished this week

The end of the week came so quickly, and this week I knocked out a few things on my list:

3D Cad Training Update

Cad training finally finished yesterday. I spent the past few weeks twice per week learning to complete 3D images of the mouth as a backup for the post processing team out my company. Overall the training was enjoyable at times, learning the process, but after a while I became bored of the process and wanted to move on. I however stuck it out to see it to its completion.

Books I’m Currently Reading

This week I made significant progress on the two books I am working on, but it’s worth noting for the record:

74% Complete
7% Complete
10% Complete

Southern New Hampshire University

I continue to make weekly payments to keep my tuition moving forward. We are four days out from our start date, and I will put a particular page on my site to keep posts related to school in a specific place.

(Notion Page)

What still in progress

If you want to check out the progress, you can click on my SNHU TUITION Page

Let me know what you think?

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