Friday Recap- 21th Week of 2021

What I finished this week

I made my first corporate video

In my spare time I love making short videos! Nothing epic or even that great to be honest, but I love making the videos anyway! I just love the process. My supervisor asked me to put my skills to the test! I filmed the video yesterday and received very positive feedback! Here is some of the behind-the-scenes work!

Urban Gardening Update

This week in the urban garden, I picked up two lavender plants! My new favorite smell around the flowing garden. Planted organic pumpkins and some fresh cucumbers 🥒! Keep you posted on the results

Books I’m Currently Reading

This week I made significant progress on the two books I am working on, but it’s worth noting for the record:

I just started this book so putting in a few pages per day so far.
Just shy of 50% done with this book! I picked up the audiobook. It is exceeding my expectations!

Southern New Hampshire University

Week 3 is complete of English class! We are working on the first draft of our persuasive paper! I have finished the draft of this week’s podcast but have not yet recorded the Podcast! It’s coming, don’t worry about it!

If you want to check out the progress, you can click on my SNHU TUITION Page

Let me know what you think?

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