Friday Recap- 23th Week of 2021

What I finished this week

Podcast Posted

Thesis stated and first draft are the topic for this weeks podcast. Since I was able to get the podcast recorded early, I posted the details of my thesis and a few things I learned in my first draft writing

Spoiler alert, I received a C+ on my first draft. It was not my best work and honestly I spent about 40 min on writing the first draft, so all things considered a C is not a bad grade for the effort I expended.

Week 4 Recap- Thesis & First Draft Diablos Way

Welcome back to the SNHU Online Weekly. My name is Giovanni. I am a freshman at Southern New Hampshire University Online majoring in computer science. Today we’re going to review module 4 and how I wrote the first draft of my paper. Topic #1: Thesis Statement Topic #2: First Draft — Send in a voice message:

Urban Gardening Update

This week temperatures huddled around the 85-90 fahrenheit mark, so we had massive growth in the kale, broccoli and cauliflower.

Books I’m Currently Reading

This week I made significant progress on the two books I am working on, but it’s worth noting for the record:

June 11, 2021 – page 46  14.37% “While working through exercise 13, I discovered that I needed to go back to the appendix and do the crash course on the command line. I am struggling to understand the from sys import argv.

June 11, 2021 –  76.0% “Progress is steady with this book. I am enjoying the audible version of the book as well. His information is easy to understand and quickly digestible.”


June 11, 2021 –  15.0% “I have to admit this week; I only made little progress on reading this book. I plan on picking up the pace over the weekend.”

Southern New Hampshire University

If you want to check out the progress, you can click on my SNHU TUITION Page

Let me know what you think?

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