Early Morning Ideas

The weekend went by so quickly, but I suppose most of that was due on Friday. I spent most of the day working with a throbbing headache. I can only contribute to getting my first Covid-19 vaccine Diarrhea, headache, fatigue, and a mild fever are all the symptoms of this shot. I feel fine now!…

Wheeling Pine Hill Condominium Fire 

   Pinehill Condominium at 500 Manda Lane, Wheeling IL 60090 awakes at 1:30 am to the all to familiar sounds of the fire alarm.  This time it’s not a drill!  A fire broke out on the second floor and while the fire doors closed you could only go out though the emergency exit.   Like…

Hindsight is 20/13

Hey there guys! Before the holiday creeps upon us next week I wanted to encourage my small following of readers to take some time to look back at all you have created and all you have done in 2013. Reflection is important for growth, but how many small lesson/changes/lifehacks have you made in 2013 that are now part of everyday life. Here are my top 5 lifehacks added in 2013

Migraine Mondays

Had a great weekend and now I wake up with this killer headache.  I decided to keep a journal of my feelings and to make sure this headache does not morph into something serious.  I have some migraine meds on board for now to help get me through my day….have a great day.  Oh yeah…

Winter Storm, Superior Wi

School delays, major colleges are closed.  Typical day in #duluth and #Superior.  Frustration set in after working on a goal for two hours