Wheeling Pine Hill Condominium Fire 

   Pinehill Condominium at 500 Manda Lane, Wheeling IL 60090 awakes at 1:30 am to the all to familiar sounds of the fire alarm.  This time it’s not a drill!  A fire broke out on the second floor and while the fire doors closed you could only go out though the emergency exit.   Like…

Chicago Update-30 days

Wow it seems like just yesterday I was packing my things up in kitchen to prepare for the formal move to Chicago. Now 30 days later I have achieved a few goals I set out to complete when I arrived.

Post Wedding Day Downtime

Finally the wedding is over, the music is off, the grooms tux…..well almost everything is done.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching my mother Sylvia Ann Hale become Mrs. Christopher Reed.  I have never seen her glow with such satisfaction to have found this special man to share her life with.  Finally time for…

Wedding Day

Day has finally arrived..i am home to see my mom wed her fiancée on this day.  I am so proud of her for seeing this completely through and despite many challenges she found a way.  Congratulations again on your special day

Travel Planning Woes

Having a pending travel engagement in 2 weeks and still making the final decision to drive 600 miles or fly for 4 hours for $600 bucks.  I’m a student on a fixed income!  Decision has to be made by Sunday so i guess i will give it more thought.