Lifted By Lunges  Giovanni Hale

  ======== Like My Content? Subscribe for More: Like a fish out of water, today’s lunges workout was um, well. Let’s just say. It was awkward. Lifted by lunges is as the name implies all about lunges and I did my best, but sure that the people looking at me from across the room…

Cheat Day On Keto Diet| Gym Talk

I love burgers, steaks, and beer. Keto lifestyle adaptation journey is just incredible. I found having a cheat day works for me. On my cheat days, I focus on eating food I love even if it’s high in carbs.

Be Prepared For The Opportunity|Gym Talk

Yesterday at the end of my shift I looked up, and a young African American female stood by my desk. In the past, I had only seen her in one other company outing. She was the director of the social media department at the company I work for. She had a problem with a customer and needed someone’s help. I was able to get her the assistance she needed but also took the time to share with her first the desire I had to work with the social media team at the company. So why should you care?


Gym talk is an open community of like-minded individuals on a quest to unlock our fitness potential, and today’s topic is about how to overcome gym shyness. I am not a shy person but found the challenge of considering going to the gym through someone else’s eyes and decided to chime in with my thoughts on how to overcome gym shyness.

250k Transformation Challenge 2018 Photo Shoot transformation photo shoot is complete. As you guys know, I registered to take part in the 2018 #250K Transformation Challenge by put on by Optimum Nutrition. As part of the requirement, you must make a front view with a sign that reads #250KCHALLENGE2018, a side view and finally a back view. I am required to have a picture of #250KCHALLENGE2018 in the photo when I weighed in. I finished all my photos, and my starting weight is 242.7lbs at 32.3% body fat. According to, I am considered obese at anybody fat over 25%.