Shoulders Traps & Calves|Day 4 of 82

The rest day is over, and it’s time to get back to work! Shoulders traps and calves! Working out at my regular gym since today, I work from home.

Rest Day | Day 3 of 82

Made it to the first week rest day! Last night I picked up a new gym bag to help accommodate the stuff I have to take to the gym now that I am building the habit of being the type of person that does mot miss gym days! Yoga / Meditation 🧘 Mornings This morning…

Do Over? Shortcut to Size Program

Ok if you read yesterday post then you know I did not fully complete the phase 1 day 1 of Shortcut to Size program. Gym was just too full for my liking so I just did what I could and left the gym feeling like I could have done better. So I did! Yesterday after…

Fitness Anxiety 😥|Shortcut to Size-Phase 1 Week 1- Day 1

Ok yesterday I worked out after work and the anxiety was real to me from the start. Pulling up to the gym to see so many cars in the parking lot made me feel like this: I completed what I could accomplish yesterday given the wait for machines and free weights. Not something I am…

FIT2FAT2FIT JumpStart Day 3|Bi/Tri/ Obliques

FIT2FAT2FIT JumpStart Day 3 focus on the biceps, triceps, and obliques. Warmed up on the treadmill then headed to the machines since all the areas to do pull-ups and dips were taken I was able to knock out my workout in just over 45 min. Here is my workout log for the workout.