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Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew Sampler Pack

The bulletproof Coffee sampler pack is the best way to try bulletproof coffee for the brain octane newb!  My journey to maintain my weight has to lead me from living as a vegetarian for two years to not really caring about my body to ultimately finding the headstrong bulletproof lifestyle. 

Keto Flu|My Journey To Ketosis

Convinced my mitochondria are running the show and not very happy I decided to remove the sugar source my body uses to fuel throughout the day.  I find myself in the keto flu situation, complete with a nagging cough, 


Bit of backstory my zoom Q8 died a few weeks ago, and I was pretty bummed I spent a few days just deciding what to do with the device. I decided to reach out zoom customer care to see if I could get a warranty claim started. The process was quick and easy, and yesterday my product arrived. Unboxing and answer several questions you guys asked are in the works. Stay tuned!

What to Do When Negative Self-Talk Hits?

I am embarking on a journey to become a videographer, and a street photographer and negative set talk made it clear to me this morning that I was not talented enough to achieve my goal. I had this to say to my negative self-talk. Go fuck yourself brain! I can do anything I set my mind too.

Why You Are Not Learning From Failure!

Look you cannot get to your success if your failure is the only focus.  We have spent the past 29 days checking in daily and sharing aspects of our life and failure comes up on a weekly basis so I decided to make a video so I can share with those that come to me for tolerance of ”I failed before.”  


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