Redefine Your Realness| Gym Talk

  Redefine Your Realness| Gym Talk ==== I am not past! I declare my realness by redefining my view on myself and how I view the world. Truth is the highest vision of my journey, and until recently I could not begin to be real with myself, so it was even tougher for me to…

Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Spoken Word| Gym Talk

Saturday after the gym I headed to the Dandelion Gallery to support Sade Jarett second book signing (No Longer Broken and No Longer Ashamed )She brought this fantastic young lady Analicia Lasett that was so raw and authentic.

How Do You Cardio? | Gym Talk

This weeks challenge is to share how you cardio. Since it’s winter here in Elgin, IL I cardio 30-45 min on the treadmill twice per week and split my training between Friday elliptical and stationary bike. In the spring and summer when I can get out and run more efficiently I am sure that split will get changed to running and biking. Bring on the spring!


Starting a training program is a lifestyle choice, I am taking very seriously.  This morning was a struggle for me complete my work in the allotted time.  Normally it takes me about 40 minutes to get the work out done, but today was more like 1 hour.  It’s ok, I gave my best for today, and that’s what matters.  

The Start For New Creators| New Monetization Guidelines

New creators are doomed! That’s none sense and should not be tolerated in any YouTube family. YouTube changed its requirement for monetizing content. Now you must have 1000 subscribers and 40,000 views. It has never been more imperative to provide content. Stepping up your posting content to help give your videos the best opportunity possible to succeed, really is what this whole change is about for me.