Why You Are Not Learning From Failure!

Look you cannot get to your success if your failure is the only focus.  We have spent the past 29 days checking in daily and sharing aspects of our life and failure comes up on a weekly basis so I decided to make a video so I can share with those that come to me for tolerance of ”I failed before.”  

Be Prepared For The Opportunity|Gym Talk

Yesterday at the end of my shift I looked up, and a young African American female stood by my desk. In the past, I had only seen her in one other company outing. She was the director of the social media department at the company I work for. She had a problem with a customer and needed someone’s help. I was able to get her the assistance she needed but also took the time to share with her first the desire I had to work with the social media team at the company. So why should you care?

ENGL-110-College Grammar-10 Things I learned in 5 weeks

ENGL-110-College Grammar-10 things you can learn in 5 weeks Being an online student is tough!  Classes are normally five weeks and you move on to another subject.  I have been an online student for most of my adult life, but recently finishing an English 110 class (I chose to opt out of testing out of…