5 Things To Stop Feeling Guilty For| Gym Talk

  5 Things To Stop Feeling Guilty For| Gym Talk ==== Will you never be enough? Are you not man/women enough? Why don’t you know more? Five things to stop feeling guilty for is not my way of telling you what to do! It is my five tips for helping that person who never feels…


Week 3 is here, and my motivation is still just as strong as ever! I am past the point of soreness, and my body seems to be adapting to the new diet. Having three beers at the bar did not help, but I am not perfect but learning to pay attention to my body the next day. So where is my motivation? I am motivated by the long-term process this diet and exercise modification offers. Have a great day! See you guys tomorrow.

How to Motivate Yourself By Motivating Others|Gym Talk

How to Motivate Yourself By Motivating Others| Gym Talk ========== How to Motivate Yourself By Motivating Others can be easy if you choose not to complicate the process. Your life lived on a daily basis documented can change the world. I believe that process does not take a lot if you simply focus on one…

Maintain Your Motivation: My Best Tip | Gym Talk

Maintain Your Motivation is not always natural but today’s tip is to create a process that forces you to develop the habit of consistency. I make short 2-5 min videos each morning to help document my progress through my fitness journey. Making videos is my habit of consistency that helps me meet my fitness goals. What’s your practice that motivates you?

How Do You Cardio? | Gym Talk

This weeks challenge is to share how you cardio. Since it’s winter here in Elgin, IL I cardio 30-45 min on the treadmill twice per week and split my training between Friday elliptical and stationary bike. In the spring and summer when I can get out and run more efficiently I am sure that split will get changed to running and biking. Bring on the spring!