Benchmark Run| Nike Plus Run App|Giovanni Rodriguez ======== Like My Content? Subscribe for More: ==== Benchmark run the way I set and gauge my running progress.  Yesterday 2-mile run was not very difficult, but after being out of the gym for a few days, it felt good to get out and stretch my legs.  No finish line. See you tomorrow….

I’m Not That Advanced Yet| Giovanni Hale

======== Like My Content? Subscribe for More: Yesterday is gone and done but this morning I woke up to feel the affects of sore muscles and bruised man ego. I honestly felt I was in better shape but after reflecting I have only been working out since March 2018 and am just now learning…

2.5 Mile Recovery Run| Nike +Run App|GIOVANNI HALE

Recovery running seems so much easier now, but as I alluded yesterday that could be because I have built up some endurance.  Not sure yet, but I am pleased I am able to get in and knock out 2-5 miles without breathing trouble.