Are you just beginning to comprehend?

I took a look at my meditation stats to keep track of my weekly progress And that’s not something to be taken lightly. Each morning for twenty days straight, I have come to my mat and worked on improving my brain’s continuity. When I decided to invest my time in meditation, I could not sit…

Giving Time & Space

Less than 24 hours remain in 2020, and as I put my final thoughts together in my recap post, I wanted to get out today’s idea of time and space. Twenty-twenty has been so many things that shifted my cognitive health that I have to reflect on how vital giving time and space is to…

Truly Well

Title speaks for itself! I feel truly well after days of feeling unwell and unbalanced. I am back doing my morning yoga and meditation. Just a quick check in to let you know I am back!

Slippery Ice Is?|Gym Talk

I slipped on ice and fell two flights of stairs.  After visiting my doctors to ensure my body was ok, I found myself with nagging neck pain.