Slippery Ice Is?|Gym Talk

I slipped on ice and fell two flights of stairs.  After visiting my doctors to ensure my body was ok, I found myself with nagging neck pain.

How to Reset When You’re Taking Something Personally|

My mind focused on what I have done wrong, and immediately my brain went to defending and rationalizing my behavior.  I made several mistakes and needed to own up to the error.  So how did I reset after taking the mistakes personally?  

How to Believe in Yourself

A few of the guys I workout with and I shared our fundamental views on how to believe in yourself in 2018.  Hard work and consistency are not new ideas on believing in yourself, but I want to add my take on how I feel.  I document my process, point toward my goal and stay consistent. 

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often| Gym Talk ====== No! It’s only two letters, but it can be so powerful. Five reasons to say no more often are: 1. Respect your time: I cannot focus on my goal if I am not respecting my time by not putting my yes on auto pilot. 2….

What to Do When Negative Self-Talk Hits?

I am embarking on a journey to become a videographer, and a street photographer and negative set talk made it clear to me this morning that I was not talented enough to achieve my goal. I had this to say to my negative self-talk. Go fuck yourself brain! I can do anything I set my mind too.