My Response To Small YouTuber tag!

I am a small YouTuber and Im ok with that. I don’t have 10k followers and you know I am super happy with making a video each day to help me improve my craft. I guess it’s natural to want to be big and wield the power of a massive audience, but I find myself…

Slippery Ice Is?|Gym Talk

I slipped on ice and fell two flights of stairs.  After visiting my doctors to ensure my body was ok, I found myself with nagging neck pain.

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often| Gym Talk ====== No! It’s only two letters, but it can be so powerful. Five reasons to say no more often are: 1. Respect your time: I cannot focus on my goal if I am not respecting my time by not putting my yes on auto pilot. 2….

Why You Are Not Learning From Failure!

Look you cannot get to your success if your failure is the only focus.  We have spent the past 29 days checking in daily and sharing aspects of our life and failure comes up on a weekly basis so I decided to make a video so I can share with those that come to me for tolerance of ”I failed before.”  

How To Quit Your Way To Success!

I’m a bonified quitter in my past life.  We all quit things, but a conversation with my supervisor yesterday showed me what ten years of making the same mistakes could do if you decide to make ONE different choice.