Cheat Day On Keto Diet| Gym Talk

I love burgers, steaks, and beer. Keto lifestyle adaptation journey is just incredible. I found having a cheat day works for me. On my cheat days, I focus on eating food I love even if it’s high in carbs.

Plan With Me |Feb 2018| Gym Talk

Wow, February has arrived already, and today I am excited to do a plan with me with my fit family.  I wanted to thank W Fern for stopping by and leaving a comment on my “WHY IM GOING KETOGENIC (KETO) video back in early January.  We had a stimulating conversation in the comments section, and he dropped a few of the things that have helped him achieve his success.


Week 3 is here, and my motivation is still just as strong as ever! I am past the point of soreness, and my body seems to be adapting to the new diet. Having three beers at the bar did not help, but I am not perfect but learning to pay attention to my body the next day. So where is my motivation? I am motivated by the long-term process this diet and exercise modification offers. Have a great day! See you guys tomorrow.

How Do You Cardio? | Gym Talk

This weeks challenge is to share how you cardio. Since it’s winter here in Elgin, IL I cardio 30-45 min on the treadmill twice per week and split my training between Friday elliptical and stationary bike. In the spring and summer when I can get out and run more efficiently I am sure that split will get changed to running and biking. Bring on the spring!

Week 1 Keto Adaptation|Gym Talk

Week 1 Keto Adaptation | Gym Talk
The first week of the competition is almost over, and today we talk about my thoughts on keto-adaptation. I was able to reduce my carb consumption and caloric intake by 25% but not without the side effects. First few days I spent fatigued and walked around like a small zombie, but I finally figured it out. Didn’t know I could still have tequila on this diet. Guess I was wrong!