Making Progress Through Cheesecake

Yesterday I tried something new and out of the ordinary to curb a sweet tooth. I made Keto cheesecake. Small gesture I know, but my point is I am making progress toward my goal of learning to cook. Let me admit, since this was my first time making cheesecake, I was reminded of the times…

Cheat Day On Keto Diet| Gym Talk

I love burgers, steaks, and beer. Keto lifestyle adaptation journey is just incredible. I found having a cheat day works for me. On my cheat days, I focus on eating food I love even if it’s high in carbs.

Why I’m Going, Ketogenic (Keto)| Gym Talk

I am not a medical professional anymore, but having a background in the art of medicine ketogenic is something I was familiar with but not prepared to make a lifestyle choice. Recently I have been studying the lifestyle option and wondering how to get started. Today’s gym talk is about my journey and my plans to change my life.