Are You A Personal Brand?

I’m a personal brand, and so are you.  The lesson I learned yesterday when a senior agent asked me about being a brand ambassador at work.  I remarked ”I am a brand”  his response to me was ”I don’t believe you.” You don’t have too!  35,000 people believe me as I pulled up my Tubebuddy 40,000 view count certificate I printed out to remind myself why I make videos.  

Recovery Run With Nike Run App

Recovery is the name of the game today, and my body needed some recovery time.  Last night I stayed up longer than my normal 10:30 pm sleep time and the effects can be felt this morning.  

Tempo Run With Nike Run App

According to the app I was supposed to run at an average pace of 16 min pace for 0.50 miles. I crushed that pace, so I am sure my coach will change it up next week to keep up with my new speed. Average pace 11.26 Duration: 6.26 I think what helped on this run…

Long Run With Nike Run App

Long run at a slow pace this early Saturday morning. Good morning family! Today training is a long run day. Thanks for tagging along with me during the journey. Average pace 11:49 Duration: 13:25 Giovanni Hale ========== Like My Content? Subscribe for More ====== Follow Me Online! • Follow Me on Twitter: • Like…

Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew Sampler Pack

The bulletproof Coffee sampler pack is the best way to try bulletproof coffee for the brain octane newb!  My journey to maintain my weight has to lead me from living as a vegetarian for two years to not really caring about my body to ultimately finding the headstrong bulletproof lifestyle.