Starting a training program is a lifestyle choice, I am taking very seriously.  This morning was a struggle for me complete my work in the allotted time.  Normally it takes me about 40 minutes to get the work out done, but today was more like 1 hour.  It’s ok, I gave my best for today, and that’s what matters.  

The Start For New Creators| New Monetization Guidelines

New creators are doomed! That’s none sense and should not be tolerated in any YouTube family. YouTube changed its requirement for monetizing content. Now you must have 1000 subscribers and 40,000 views. It has never been more imperative to provide content. Stepping up your posting content to help give your videos the best opportunity possible to succeed, really is what this whole change is about for me. 

Low Carb & Low Sugar Keto Adaptation

Yesterday I started my adaptation away from a massive carb and sugar diet to low carb low sugar keto-adaptation phase. I spent the day feeling slow and sluggish, mentally foggy and even at one point feeling like I was falling asleep standing up. Why put yourself through all this you ask? My why is simple and to the end. I want to learn to live a healthier life on purpose with my goals. I learned as a kid to cook the foods passed down by mom and grandmother. I now understand more about my ability to prepare is proportionate to my ability to learn. I will see you tomorrow morning~ Giovanni Hale.

Why I’m Going, Ketogenic (Keto)| Gym Talk

I am not a medical professional anymore, but having a background in the art of medicine ketogenic is something I was familiar with but not prepared to make a lifestyle choice. Recently I have been studying the lifestyle option and wondering how to get started. Today’s gym talk is about my journey and my plans to change my life.

250K Transformation Frequently Asked Questions|Gym Talk

250K Transformation Frequently Asked Questions|Gym Talk
We are only a few days out from $250K Transformation Challenge and today’s Gym Talk is longer than usual, but I tackle a few of the common frequently asked questions.

1. How do I sign up?
2. When do my photos have to be uploaded?
3. Are my pictures private?
4. Hashtags to use in my progress photos