How To Make Time For Peace Each Day

Get An Early Start Not everyone is an expert on getting up at 5 am to achieve the goal they set, but I am a prime believer that no matter what time you retire for the night you wake up ready to go in the wee hours of the morning Start simple Focus on the…

Giving Time & Space

Less than 24 hours remain in 2020, and as I put my final thoughts together in my recap post, I wanted to get out today’s idea of time and space. Twenty-twenty has been so many things that shifted my cognitive health that I have to reflect on how vital giving time and space is to…

Slippery Ice Is?|Gym Talk

I slipped on ice and fell two flights of stairs.  After visiting my doctors to ensure my body was ok, I found myself with nagging neck pain.

How to Believe in Yourself

A few of the guys I workout with and I shared our fundamental views on how to believe in yourself in 2018.  Hard work and consistency are not new ideas on believing in yourself, but I want to add my take on how I feel.  I document my process, point toward my goal and stay consistent. 

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often

5 Reasons to Say NO More Often| Gym Talk ====== No! It’s only two letters, but it can be so powerful. Five reasons to say no more often are: 1. Respect your time: I cannot focus on my goal if I am not respecting my time by not putting my yes on auto pilot. 2….