Keto Flu Update |My Journey To Ketosis Coughing and snot flying everywhere are finally over.  Detoxing sugar out of my diet was a process, and for life, I will have to deny the sugar cravings.  Made if through it and as I write this I still feel the effects of the detox. Have an awesome day fit family ~Giovanni Hale ==========…

Maintain Your Motivation: My Best Tip | Gym Talk

Maintain Your Motivation is not always natural but today’s tip is to create a process that forces you to develop the habit of consistency. I make short 2-5 min videos each morning to help document my progress through my fitness journey. Making videos is my habit of consistency that helps me meet my fitness goals. What’s your practice that motivates you?

Week 1 Keto Adaptation|Gym Talk

Week 1 Keto Adaptation | Gym Talk
The first week of the competition is almost over, and today we talk about my thoughts on keto-adaptation. I was able to reduce my carb consumption and caloric intake by 25% but not without the side effects. First few days I spent fatigued and walked around like a small zombie, but I finally figured it out. Didn’t know I could still have tequila on this diet. Guess I was wrong!

Why I’m Going, Ketogenic (Keto)| Gym Talk

I am not a medical professional anymore, but having a background in the art of medicine ketogenic is something I was familiar with but not prepared to make a lifestyle choice. Recently I have been studying the lifestyle option and wondering how to get started. Today’s gym talk is about my journey and my plans to change my life.